VINTAGE book - Grey Rabbit's May Day

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Lovely vintage children's book from the Little Grey Rabbit series - 'Grey Rabbit's May Day"

64 pages, story by Alison Uttley, illustrations by Margaret Tempest. 

Second impression, 1968.

Price inside dust jacket: 5s net 

Condition: Excellent with dust jacket (just some expected scuffs to corners)

Description from inside cover: 

"As May Day grew near there were great preparations un Grey rabbit's house. hare had seen in the village the lovely Maypole with its dangling ribbons all ready for the children to dance round. Couldn't they have a Maypole too? But Grey Rabbit had another idea: "We'll dance round the May Tree and that's better than a May Pole." Hare wanted a procession as well, and so when all the little animals had made their garlands and crowns and sceptres they walked up to the twisted old hawthorne tree on May morning and sand their own May Day song"