VINTAGE Ladybird book - The Sleepy Water Vole (1955 - First Edition)

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Lovely vintage Ladybird book - collectable first edition with dust jacket and original open-wing Ladybird logo.

'The Sleepy Water Vole' from the Ladybird series 497

50 pages / A Story by Noel Barr / Illustrations by P B Hickling

Original price inside dust jacket - 2'6 NET

Condition: Good - dust jacket has light scuffing (mainly at corners), a few light interior marks (smudged fingers maybe?) and a name has been written and erased but is still just discernible - overall very nice, neat and well cared-for. A lovely example. 

From inside the dust jacket:

"This is a story about two water voles and their four tiny babies who nearly come to grief when their hole by the river was flooded. Boys and girls will be fascinated with the many adventures of Brownie as she ties to wake her sleepy husband, Squidgy, realise their plight; and how Mrs Short Tail does eventually save the baby water voles as they are clinging to some reeds"