December 01, 2022

Scrambling into Christmas

By Charlotte Evans
Scrambling into Christmas

Working in toy retail it is important to start planning Christmas early - which is why I like to begin late November.

Honestly, I give up on myself! 

In the real world I think big stores have probably already planned NEXT Christmas.

I used to be better than this. Years ago, when I had the high street shop and sold clothes, I was forced to plan well ahead because of the way clothing retail works - so I would typically be ordering Spring / Summer clothing before Christmas, It was a pain in the neck and often felt like utter guess work, but at least it forced me to be organised.

These days most of the suppliers I work with carry stock and send orders pretty instantly. It's a green light for someone like me to leave things to the last minute. 

It's not that I've done nothing until now - the big Moulin Roty delivery came in a couple of weeks ago, I've been working in the background for ages on this new website - but turning attention to making things festive, adding stocking fillers and Christmas imagery? Well, that began on Monday.

At least it means I have missed Black Friday. Probably not the most commercial move but honestly I hate the thing. And as a customer the last time I want to receive an email from a nice little toy shop is in THAT week - I quickly get to the point of deleting everything trying to sell me stuff, even from the shops I love. Blinded by a snowstorm of offers. 

Anyway, It's December 1st today and I've pulled a Cottontails Christmas Campaign together...

  • New refreshed website with a bit of festive imagery switched on today
  • New categories for Christmas Inspiration and Little Stocking Fillers
  • A very small collection of Christmas cards and a few Christmas mice on their way for delivery any day now (come on mice... RUN!)
  • The 24 Bunnies of Advent campaign beginning today - can you guess who Mr Christmas Eve will be? Clue: I am finding it hard to write this journal as he is sitting on the floor next to me demanding strokes. Much tricky one-handed typing.
  • A Cottontails Christmas film is in production - think twinkly music, lingering shots of beautiful wooden toys and likely appearance by the same rabbit responsible for the one-handed typing. It won't be John Lewis standard. But I'll be throwing it together in a single day on a budget of one carrot (for the star). 
  • At some point, probably fairly soon, I will send a few emails out into the snowstorm, probably with some offers or free gifts or something? Do sign up to my mailing list here if you would like to see this - there is a link at the very very bottom of the page (although I am planning to try and improve this - maybe even craft one of those annoying pop ups?!! Or maybe not). 

So. Full disclosure - it's 10.07am and I am still in my dressing gown. (I'm working in the house while the garden office warms up.)  Time to get dressed and get festive! 

A few festive bits in our Cards & Little Things department....



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