January 03, 2023

January health kick for the bunnies

By Charlotte Evans
January health kick for the bunnies

It's January and, as we all know, this means eating Ryvita and doing exercise.

So this month my social media posts will be following the Cottontails bunnies as they dive into a health kick and generally work on their wellbeing. (Really I'm doing this because I so enjoyed the 24 Bunnies of Advent series and I want to do something else which will keep me motivated and posting...)

So, first up the bunnies have joined a yoga class. Those of you who know me will realise this is something close to my heart as I am actually a yoga teacher when I am not playing with toys... I might even post a few real guided relaxations or something. Let's see...


"Sit comfortably bunnies, feeling your back lengthen and the support of the ground beneath you"

Over the coming month the bunnies will be stretching and relaxing themselves through more yoga classes, and perhaps doing a bit of healthy eating too.

Hop over to our Instagram page to follow their progress....