Moulin Roty Pomme des Bois 'My First 12 Months' card set

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Set of thirty cards to stage photos and capture special moments in baby's first 12 months. 

(Please note these cards are in French - but I think that makes them even more elegant and lovely, and after all Moulin Roty is a classically French toy maker).

Part of the 'Pomme des Bois' range of nursery toys and decor, the cards come presented in a lovely sturdy gift box and feature the characters harry the squirrel, Anatole the donkey and the (sadly unnamed) duck - all in gorgeous muted autumnal colours.

Gift box measures 17 x 12.5cm.

I'm going to be honest, I ordered these because they look gorgeous and love the Pomme des Bois range and wanted to stock the lot, but I didn't (and don't!) fully understand the concept - I think though that the idea is you use the cards to stage photos during the first year. Lovely for you instagrammers out there! 

If you use these, do let me know and tag Cottontails !