Moulin Roty Grand Family Wardrobe - Sylvain & Nini

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Lovely play set of mouse and bunny to dress and undress in their little wardrobe style suitcase. 

Part of the Grand Family collection, Moulin Roty have been making this toy for nearly twenty years now, and I think it is a modern classic of French toy design. 

Included in the set: 

Nini Mouse (22cm)
Sylvain Rabbit (22cm)
Clothing selection (can vary but typically eight pieces, including dress, dungarees, underwear, tops, jumpers) 
Five card clothing hangers 


The sturdy wardrobe (28cm x 18cm x 13cm) doubles as a suitcase-style carrying case, with metal clasp and handle. It is beautifully decorated inside and out, with a hanging rail and drawer for clothes storage.  

Great to go with any of the little (20cm-ish) Grand Family animals as the clothes / toys can be mixed and matched.