Wooden Cheese Board

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Lovely wooden cheeseboard set from a small, ethical UK toy maker.

Mouse-shaped wooden chopping board (14cm) 

Wooden baguette

Wooden cheeses: Edam (3 parts), Gruyere, Rouleux, Blue cheese (2 parts) 

Wooden mousey cheese knife 

(The bread and cheese in several parts are attached with velcro for easy 'chopping')

Packaged in a nicely illustrated gift box.

Suitable from age 3 years + 

Finally a note about the ethics underpinning Tender Leaf, a small UK toy maker. Here is what they say (which I really love):

"We understand our responsibilities to our planet and only use sustainable and recyclable wood to make our enchanting toys. We are committed to a programme to protect our natural resources and replant 100% of the trees we use".