Wooden Grocery Set

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Fabulous wooden play food grocery set from a small, ethical UK toy maker.

There's absolutely loads in this little set, all with well thought out quirky labels - for example the three wooden lemons come in a little net with the label 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'.

Here is the shopping list in full (and it all comes packaged in a nicely illustrated gift box):

Ice cream tub, popcorn, cat food, tin of peaches, tomato sauce, olive oil, string bag containing three lemons, bag of crisps with crinkle paper inside, bag of frozen peas containing hard round balls, a tin of sardines, a box of rice, pack of spaghetti, a box of crackers and half a pound of cheese.

(To give you a rough idea of size, the ice cream tub measures 7cm in height, and the lemons are about the size of small hens eggs)

Suitable from age 3 years + 

Finally a note about the ethics underpinning Tender Leaf, a small UK toy maker. Here is what they say (which I really love):

"We understand our responsibilities to our planet and only use sustainable and recyclable wood to make our enchanting toys. We are committed to a programme to protect our natural resources and replant 100% of the trees we use".