December 01, 2021

Say hello to Ralph

By Charlotte Evans
Ralph in the toys at Cottontails Baby

Say hello to Ralph

Just in case you are new here, I need to introduce you to Ralph, my long time (and long-eared assistant) here at Cottontails Baby.

For the past few years Ralph has held several key roles here at Cottontails, especially excelling an Goods-In (he is a remarkable cardboard chewer) and also a natural Floor Manager (where he spends most of his time).

He is also, of course, my inspiration and constant companion. 

He features heavily on my social media pages so do make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter if you would like more Ralph in your life.  

Ralph is the latest in a line of shop bunnies, His predecessors, dear Humphrey and Rudolph, left big paws to fill, but he is doing a grand job