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  • Recipe - Cottontails Bunny Biscuits

    Recipe - Cottontails Bunny Biscuits

    Bunny Biscuits 

    This is a lovely simple recipe I designed myself many years ago when I first started stocking biscuits cutters. They are buttery, light and crispy little biscuits - and Ralph and I cannot recommend them enough.


    1 tsp vanilla essence
    100g golden caster sugar
    200g butter
    300g plain flour, sifted


    In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy, then stir in vanilla essence.

    Add sifted flour and mix together until crumbs come together - don't overwork the mixture.Turn out, wrap in clingfilm and rest in the fridge for at least an hour. (Overnight is fine - I tried. I have also tried sticking them in the freezer for five minutes instead and this also seemed to do the trick.)

    Preheat oven to 160*c / fan 140*c / gas 3 and cover baking trays with baking parchment

    Place dough on floured surface, cover with clingfilm (to prevent rolling pin sticking) and roll out to 5mm thick.

    Carefully cut out bunny shapes usng our bunny cutters and place on baking trays.

    Use a cocktail stick to give each bunny an eye.

    Bake for about 15 minutes until golden.

    Transfer to a wire rack to cool and crisp up.

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  • Pomme des Bois - new Moulin Roty collection

    Pomme des Bois - new Moulin Roty collection

    A lovely new collection from Moulin Roty has arrived this spring. 

    Those of you who follow the work of Moulin Roty with as much enthusiasm as me will know that they have two key 'launch phases' throughout the year - in the first few months of the year they add new collections and elements to their classic nursery ranges, and in autumn they launch new additions to their Memoire d'Enfant classic, collectible range (which is a bit more 'Christmassy', so the timings make sense) 

    So, this means the new collection now, which began to arrive in March is a brand new addition to their core nursery range. And it's a lovely one. 


    Meet 'Pomme des Bois' - a little trio of friends who forage in the forests for fruits. There are three characters - Harry the squirrel, Anatole the donkey and their friend the duck. I can't seem to find a name for the duck in the Moulin Roty literature, but have scoured back through the work of the designer, Elodie Coudray, and I think he is called Simonet. Aww. 

    As always in a core nursery range from Moulin Roty you will find classic soft toys, rattles, comforters, musicals and activity toys. Unusually, in this range, the comforter and rattle have been combined into one tactile, cuddly, rattly offering. 

    I really can't choose a favourite toy. I love squirrels so obviously Harry is pulling at my heart strings - he has tufts on his ears! - and as a proud owner of four runner ducks I am naturally very fond of Simonet. There is also such a gorgeous musical toadstool. 

    I hope you love this new range as much as I do - and look out for new additions over the next year or so. 




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  • Say hello to Ralph

    Ralph in the toys at Cottontails Baby

    Say hello to Ralph

    Just in case you are new here, I need to introduce you to Ralph, my long time (and long-eared assistant) here at Cottontails Baby.

    For the past few years Ralph has held several key roles here at Cottontails, especially excelling an Goods-In (he is a remarkable cardboard chewer) and also a natural Floor Manager (where he spends most of his time).

    He is also, of course, my inspiration and constant companion. 

    He features heavily on my social media pages so do make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter if you would like more Ralph in your life.  

    Ralph is the latest in a line of shop bunnies, His predecessors, dear Humphrey and Rudolph, left big paws to fill, but he is doing a grand job 

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  • Cosy cottages for sale

    Cosy cottages for sale

    Are you a small creature looking for a cosy new home this winter?

    Then look no further than the lovely collection of cottages currently available at Cottontails Baby. From treetop apartment to bijou barn conversion, we have some stunning properties to choose from... Make yourself a hot chocolate and browse through our property portfolio below, dreaming of cosy times in these lovely country cottages


    The Grand Family Tree House

    Architect: Moulin Roty

    A stunning tree top apartment with ample living space and many stunning and unusual features - including rope ladder access and viewing platforms. We feel this property will especially appeal to squirrels and birds, given it's location. Viewing is highly recommended. 


    Rosewood Cottage

    Architect: Tender Leaf 

    A compact and pretty cottage of wooden construction. Complete with carrying handle, Rosewood Cottage offers the very best in 'mobile home living'. 

    Central heating is provided by log burner, and with it's beautiful established garden, this is the perfect starter home for a small family. 

    Contact us today to book your viewing.




    The Barn

    Architect: Gluckskafer 

    Simple country living is on offer in this semi-open barn conversion. Pitched roof, side door and easy access through the open front, this beautiful barn offers the perfect home for animals of all kinds. 



    Cottontails Cottage

    Architect: Tender Leaf 

    Stunning contemporary country cottage from award winning architects, Tender Leaf. Cottontails Cottage offers comfortable fully furnished two storey accommodation. Beautifully finished in muted colours and ideally equipped for a family of rabbits, Cottontails Cottage offers the very best in country living. 





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  • We are 18 years old!

    We are 18 years old!

    Well, well, well.. Cottontails Baby is 18 years old. I first opened the door of my little high street shop in August 2003, so yep, we have officially come of age - time for a legal glass of homemade carrot wine and a cross on the ballot paper (Green Part of course, for me and the bunnies.)

    It is because of this landmark (along with needing to overhaul the antiquated payment system) that I am organising a mini relaunch this autumn. Nothing major, but some lovely new stock and a shiny new Shopify powered website - it won't look that different on the front, but lots more functionality and slickness when it comes to customer payment. (It's well overdue - I've barely left the era of postal orders and cheques compared to most web shops out there.)

    These days, if I am honest, Cottontails is more part-time business / hobby than my main income _ juggle it with a couple of other jobs - but it still brings me so much joy and is an important part of my life. I am staggered really that I have kept going for as long as I have. When I think back to all the lovely shops and blogs which inspired me when I first began - my God, I don't think a one of them still exists. 

    And just think - so many of the babies and little ones who have loved and played with our toys are now also grown up - out there in the world with careers and homes and maybe even babies of their own. Gosh! 

    So, we hop along here. Not making a fortune, but making just enough to keep Ralph in carrots and me in coffee and cake - you know, life's essentials.

    So Happy 18th to us, and here's to the next phase - Cottontails: the Grown Up Years.

    And, as always, a warm and heartfelt thank you to my lovely customers, now and from years past. There are many of you I could name off the top of my head who have kept me going and kept me smiling with your toy-shopping and happy gratitude over the years. Thank you. 


    Charlotte & Ralph 




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