Charlotte's Journal

  • Scrambling into Christmas

    Scrambling into Christmas
    Christmas planning at Cottontails. I like to start early so have been working on this since.... well... at least the 29th November. Or, in other words, Scrambling into Christmas.
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  • Autumn, Squirrels and New Beginnings

    Autumn, Squirrels and New Beginnings

    Autumn! My favourite season - personally I love the dark nights, the colours, the move towards staying in and staying cosy. And I have always felt it is a season of new beginnings - probably something to do with childhood memories of a new school year, fresh notebooks and a new pencil case? There is hope in autumn 

    And so it is a good time to trying something new at Cottontails. Well - maybe not new exactly, but to bring some fresh enthusiasm, effort and time to this wonderful little toy shop. 

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